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Hotel Rules

House Guidelines: Essential rules for a comfortable experience


  • No loitering

  • No outside food or drinks allowed in the premises

  • No smoking

  • No Alcohol consumption

  • No drug consumption

  • Noise pollution not allowed

  • Quiet hours - Respect noise levels to ensure a peaceful stay for all guests

  • Check-out time - Adhere to the specified times, notify hotel staff if an extension is required

  • Room occupancy - Ensure compliance with maximum guest occupancy for each room

  • Guest behavior - Respectful conduct towards fellow guess and hotel staff is expected


  • Use comfortable clothing - Ensure clothing provides adequate protection from the sun

  • Use comfortable footwear

  • Use sunscreen

  • Stay hydrated

  • Explore local attractions and partake in local activities

  • Stay informed - Ask the hotel staff for any activities and must-do's when staying in

  • Special requests - Notify the staff of any special requests to ensure a comfortable experience

  • When joining an excursion, pack lightly with all essentials, protect yourself from the sun and wear comfortable clothing

For any further information regarding rules and recommendations, please contact us.

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